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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A.    Goals and Objectives

During FY  1984,  the  Department's  principal    objectives   for  this
program were:

o Publish program regulations to implement the technical amend-
ments to Chapter 2, enacted in December 1983.

o Conduct on-site program reviews to obtain information about
State administration of the program and to recommend changes if
the State is not complying with the statute or the regulations.

o Provide technical assistance to State Chapter 2 Directors
about program administration and program evaluation.

o Receive State applications and/or amendments, approve amended
State funding distribution criteria for the 1984-85 school
year, and issue grant awards by July 1, 1984.

B.    Progress and Accomplishments

o The Department published proposed regulations implementing the
technical amendments on July 10, 1984.

o It also conducted program reviews in 25 States and sent reports
of the findings to each State Superintendent of Public Instruc-

o Department staff participated in a regional meeting for midwest
Chapter 2 Directors (November 1983), in a National Chapter 2
fneeting on program evaluation (February 1984), and in meetings
of the Chapter 2 National Steering Committee (July, September

o The Department processed all State applications, amendments,
and/or distribution criteria and issued grant awards by July 1,

C.    Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

Funds Distributed for State Use: During Program Year 1982-83, the
first year of program operations, States reserved for their own
use a total of $83,092,771 (or 19.0% of the total). Of this amount
States allocated 12.9% for administration, 7.4% for Subchapter A
(Basic Skills), 73.6% for Subchapter B (Educational Improvement &
Support), and 6.1% for Subchapter C (Special Projects). States
allocated the majority of support (51.6%) to "Improving Planning/
Management/ Implementation of Educational Programs," a purpose
under Subchapter B (E.2). Although some States amended their
spending plans for program year 1983-84, this information remains
substantially the same for the second year of the program.gree to